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Barbara’s writing touches both mind and heart,
helping us understand what it means to be human.

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Her novels portray women on a journey to wholeness.
In all her books, art helps to open that path.


Cathryn has always taken pride in her well-ordered life as a freelance photographer and single mother of two—until an enigmatic glassblower upends all her assumptions about who she is and what she wants.

Drawn by the otherworldly beauty of Iceland, the magic of glassblowing, and the man who re-awakens her yearning for passion, risk, and her own art—Cathryn opens herself, bit by bit, to possibilities she thought she had set aside forever.

Then, when the unthinkable happens, she must face the only question that matters: What does it mean to truly love someone?

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Susannah’s career as a pianist has been on hold for sixteen years, ever since her son was born. But now, suddenly, she has a second chance. There’s just one problem: somewhere along the way, she lost the power and the magic. She needs to get them back. Now.
Her quest catapults her back to memories she hasn’t been able to purge—and forward to choices she never thought she’d have to make.

Susannah needs to find out, once and for all: Who am I, and where do I belong?

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A chance meeting with a charismatic photographer will forever change Elizabeth's life.

Until she met Richard, Elizabeth's relationship with Georgia O'Keeffe’s paintings was purely academic. Now, it’s personal. When Richard reawakens an awareness in Elizabeth that's haunted her since she was a child—the truth that cerebral knowledge will never be enough—Elizabeth takes a step she never imagined, and her life begins to unravel.

Elizabeth must ask herself: How much will she risk to be truly seen and known?

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Barbara is a primary blogger for the award-winning site Writer Unboxed.

Her essays appear regularly on many other well-known sites for writers such as Jane Friedman, Read Her Like an Open Book, and Women Writers, Women's Books.


Barbara is also a frequent contributor to Write On!, the magazine of the Women Fiction Writers Association

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