About Barbara’s Writing

Barbara’s writing touches both mind and heart,
helping us understand what it means to be human.

She writes about the universal search
for meaning, authenticity, and connection.

Her nonfiction publications provide:

Her forthcoming publications address the same themes – the search for identity, wholeness, and belonging – through story.

  • A life-long bookworm, resigned to a passionless marriage, is writing her dissertation on Georgia O’Keeffe. Then she meets a photographer who tells her that the only way she can really understand O’Keeffe is by doing what O’Keeffe did – that is, by re-enacting O’Keeffe’s famous nude photos.

    Elizabeth always thought you had to pick: brainy or sexy. Can a person be both?

  • When a classical pianist’s now-or-never opportunity is threatened by a hereditary disease that’s making her fingers cramp and curl, her quest for a cure leads her back to the birth family she’s never been able to forgive – and the country-and-western sister she’s never known.

    How can Susannah know if she’s good enough to be truly "chosen"?

Her essays on the craft of fiction appear on well-known online resources for writers: